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Understanding Why People Get Denied of Disability Benefits

Between 2001 and 2010, only 28% of disability benefit claims were approved on their first try. The other 72% were either reconsidered, appealed, pending, or denied. Yet, the number of denials was much higher than those reconsidered and those who appealed. Between 2008 and 2019, 110,000 people died waiting for their appeals to be approved. People had to wait years

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couple going through a divorce

Going Through Separation: Overcoming Financial Burden During Divorce

Maintaining a happy marriage does not only provide you emotional benefits. Indeed, enjoying your married life will make you feel happy and content. However, one of the biggest advantages of being happily married is that it helps you achieve financial stability. If you and your partner are compatible, both of you will grow as a

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How Court Cases Are Being Held During the Pandemic

2020 has been one of the most unpredictable years in most of our lifetimes. No one would have expected a pandemic to hit, but it did. And it has been a devastating few months at that. So many people’s lives have been affected because this virus has forced us all to a halt. Luckily we

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Navigating the Issue of Repetitive Strain Injuries for Remote Workers

The coronavirus has enforced many companies to adopt remote working arrangements. With so many employees leaving the workplace, you’d expect measurable improvements in terms of worker safety. After all, the home is hardly a dangerous environment, and most jobs that are compatible with remote work don’t involve operating machinery or carrying heavy loads. Yet months

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lawyer with the client

What We Can Learn from Iconic Fictional Lawyers

Watching courtroom debates can sometimes feel like watching a war unfold on a battlefield. We get so fascinated with the arguments that lawyers make. We also get so invested in their stories. There’s something exciting about watching lawyers of civil litigation resolve disputes that benefit the characters we’re rooting for. Such legal dramas and comedies

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Insurance concept

Preparing For Death: The Fundamentals of Estate Planning

When the inevitable happens, you have to be prepared. Estate planning is devising a formal framework of tasks you want to be done in the event of your demise. This involves the painstaking process of managing your assets, settling your financial obligations, and securing legal documents. If you want everything mapped out before you pass

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Child Custody

Divorce: Who Gets Child Custody?

Filing and going through the process of divorce is a difficult task. Not only is it emotionally taxing on both sides, but it also places immense mental and physical stress. And on top of that, the papers are troublesome to accommodate, and keeping a calm and collected train of thought is almost impossible if there

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Choosing the Best Legal Representative for an Injury Lawsuit

After being in a horrific vehicular accident, victims still have to take on a wide array of medical, mental, emotional, and financial concerns, but seeking legal assistance will make it less harrowing. You have the right to file a personal injury claim when you are caught in vehicular collisions, pedestrian accidents, and medical malpractices. In

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lacking sleep

5 Dangerous Risks When You Lose Enough Sleep

Having enough sleep is vital for everyday life, and missing on those precious hours of rest can result in a lot of problems that can change your life for the worse. Sleep deprivation is a dangerous thing, and it’s essential to know the risks so that you don’t feel too confident about all those late

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How Far Should You Chase a Non-paying Freelance Client for Compensation Owed?

In recent years, the trend toward remote work has been gaining traction thanks to advances in technology. Not surprisingly, this has also been accompanied by a similar rise in freelance work. More people can enter flexible working arrangements; this opens up opportunities to run a lucrative side hustle, or eventually turn that gig into a

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